About Alexandria

Population: 11,680

Latitude/Longitude: 45.88, -95.37

Estimated Median Real Estate Value: $142

Estimated Median Household Income: $37

Estimated Median Real Estate Taxes: $1

Alexandria is known as a tourism center due to its many lakes and resorts. Events include a Grape Stomp hosted by the Carlos Creek Winery every September, an Apple Fest in October, the Douglas County Fair every August, and Art in the Park every July. The city has a museum housing the Kensington Runestone, which is thought by some to indicate that Vikings had visited the area in the 14th century. Outside the museum stands Big Ole, a 25-foot-tall statue of a Viking which was built for the World's Fair in New York City in 1964.The city hosts the annual Vikingland Band Festival parade marching championship.

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