About Vermilion Lake

Nearest Town: Tower

County: St. Louis

Area: 39271 acres

Surface Elevation: 1358 ft

Max Depth: 76 ft

Shore Length: 313 mi

Fish Species: black crappie,bluegill,brown bullhead,burbot,hybrid sunfish,lake whitefish,largemouth bass,muskellunge,northern pike,pumpkinseed,rock bass,smallmouth bass,tullibee (cisco),walleye,yellow perch,white sucker,blackchin shiner,blacknose shiner,blackside darter,bluntnose minnow,fathead minnow,finescale dace,golden shiner,Iowa darter,Johnny darter,logperch,mimic shiner,ninespine stickleback,tadpole madtom,trout-perch

Lake Vermilion is a freshwater lake in northeastern Minnesota, United States. The Ojibwe originally called the lake Nee-Man-Nee, which means "the evening sun tinting the water a reddish color". French fur traders translated this to the Latin word Vermilion, which is a red pigment. The Minnesota DNR rates Lake Vermilion as the fifth largest lake by surface area within Minnesota borders.

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