About Osakis Lake

Nearest Town: Osakis

County: Todd

Area: 6270 acres

Max Depth: 73 ft

Water Clarity: 3.5 ft

Fish Species: black bullhead,black crappie,bluegill,brown bullhead,hybrid sunfish,largemouth bass,northern pike,pumpkinseed,rock bass,smallmouth bass,tullibee (cisco),walleye,yellow bullhead,yellow perch,bowfin (dogfish),common carp,shorthead redhorse,white sucker,blacknose shiner,bluntnose minnow,brook stickleback,common shiner,emerald shiner,golden shiner,Iowa darter,Johnny darter,logperch,mimic shiner,spottail shiner

Lake Osakis is a lake in Todd and Douglas counties in west-central Minnesota. The town of Osakis is situated on the southwest shore of the lake. Osakis is an exceptional walleye lake; it has long been known as the "Mother Lake" because the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources uses a fishtrap on Bull Creek to obtain milt and eggs from walleyes for use in breeding and stocking programs.

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